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Gabriel Radu Aristide CEACALOPOL


Ec∴ Gabriel Radu Aristide CEACALOPOL

Gabriel CEACALOPOL is an economist/financier with extensive professional experience (tax consultancy, complex judicial accounting expertise, financial audits, management consultancy), ISO 9001 certificate, as well as life experience (graduated the Faculty of Psychiatry at IMF Bucharest) whose primary concern is to mitigate the effects of stress on business people.


STUDIES, specializations and improvements:

Professional route:

I am currently working cumulatively as: auditor, tax consultant and active independent forensic accountant, registered at the Bucharest Tribunal - Local Office of Judicial Expertise; Manager of SC Intercont 2001 Expertiză Contabilă SRL;

Professional activity:

between 1993-2016:

between 1981-1990: control, verification and centralization of balance sheets, drafting reports on centralized accounting reports at a national level and on the key financial indicators from county departments for labour and social assistance with regard to institutions subordinated to the Ministry of Labour;

between 1976-1981: organization, accounting and financial and economic control for the institutions and economic agents subordinated to the county;

between 1971-1977: bank accounting, letters of credit, clearing and documentary payments.

Other knowledge and skills:

Member and former member of:


In time, we have gained significant experience in these fields in companies and national and multinational organizations, as well as in state institutions, thus having a vast portfolio of clients and collaborators who recommend us and motivate us to continue every day.

Our goal is to provide our clients confidence through the competence and professionalism of our team. We aim to offer the best solutions in financial accounting and management policy so as to offer our partners a solid background andfoundation in achieving their goals.

To meet your requirements to the highest quality standards, we focus on the fundamental ethical principles of the accounting profession throughout our activity. We understand that, in order to offer truly professional services, one must work creatively and profitably in the letter and spirit of the laws that govern our profession, so that: