The auditing services that we provide are:


This service addresses performance-minded entities that must undergo a statutory audit. In this situation, we address the client’s activity in accordance with the International Auditing Standards and offer a range of options for the development and management of business risks.

By analysing the important aspects in this respectin detail,based on the auditing procedures performed and the compliance with the code of ethics, we issue an independent opinion regarding your financial statements.

For an optimal relationship in this aspect:


This service gives managers a technical picture of how the funding were conducted. The auditing procedures are compliant with the applicable International Auditing Standards. The auditing works are performed according to the financing contracts and taking into account the deadlines for the submission of the reports to the financing bodies.

The audit is compulsory for EU funding, however only a rigorous assessment will ensure both the reimbursement of your expenses and the elimination of the risks of returning the funds that you received and used for ineligible expenses.

However, the audit verifies the eligibility of expenditure under the project and confirms the eligibility of amounts claimed for reimbursement.

We offer the following accounting expertise services for companies:

ATENTION! In the case of judicial expertise (financial or fiscal) we RECOMMEND respectfully, but firmly, that you exercise of your right (provided by law) to name me in the file, so that I can participate since the beginning of worksin the performance of the expertise as an expert on behalf of you or your company.

Accounting expertise is a form of scientific research to clarify how certain financial-accounting facts, circumstances, situations etc. are reflected in the documents and technical and operational and accounting records.
Accounting expertise is a mission given to an expert to examine the books, accounts and supporting documents of an economic agent in order to provide stakeholders with the data for a fair adjustment of the situation..


  1. Advice on financial, accounting and tax law (corporation tax, income tax, VAT, excises, social security);
  2. Corporation taxes;
  3. Withholding tax;
  4. Financial structure analysis;
  5. Analysis of financial flows and the cash-flow situation;
  6. Analysis of debts and receivables;
  7. Analysis capital and assets;
  8. Taxpayer assistance during tax controls;
  9. Assistance in preparing documents required for loans to firms;
  10. Consultancy for the purpose of company division, merger, liquidation.